Corrient, LLC.

  • 100% web-based, easy to use, intuitive browser-based interface that works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari browsers
  • Easy record navigation using row highlighting
  • Attach PDF documents and important information to quote records
  • Dynamic help pages are driven by the Admin interface. This gives your team the ability to develop and describe your business processes right in the tool
  • Out-of-the-box reports give your management and sales teams the ability to quickly see customer, quote and sales metrics without any customization
  • Effortless data input using masked entry, simple drop down lists and pop-up windows
  • Various security level measures and password protections
  • Runs with Microsoft Access, SQL Server or an Oracle database


Set the system colors to match your business for a more customized look and feel.

Dynamic lists make it easy to add and subtract items from the drop down lists using the add and delete buttons.

You decide what help documentation is the most important for your company using the dynamic help pages.

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